Now re-opened

I am happy to say that I am now able to re-open and am looking forward to seeing clients again.  Please get in touch if you would like an appointment.

Love from Melanie x


Transactional Analysis and Quantum Healing - available online

I have been doing training during the last year with so many occasions of not being able to work with clients in my treatment room.  During this time I have started to expand my skills into more of the psychological treatments available.  Whilst I am still a trainee psychotherapist, and it will take a few years to be fully trained as that, there are still some of the courses I have completed, so can currently offer treatments using Brief Transactional Analysis or Quantum Healing in order to help any client who feels that they could benefit from having more resilience in their lives.  The great thing about these therapies is that they can be done via the wonder of the internet with online appointments, so can be continued even through lockdown.  If you would like to arrange a chat to see if either of these may be of benefit for you, please get in touch.







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